Olaf Van Gerwen

Olaf Van Gerwen is a Director and Cinematographer from the Netherlands. As of now, he has 15 years of experience shooting television commercials. Van Gerwen's major interests are cinematography and photography. He is passionate about lighting and lenses; his work is compelling. He gravitates among food and dairy, tabletop, lifestyle imagery and visual storytelling. Van Gerwen specializes in creating images that please the eye.

Luigi Dias


Luigi Dias began as an Art Director and Creative Director for Film at DDB Brazil before launching his career exclusively as a Film Director. He then produced hundreds of commercials for several clients such as Honda, Land Rover, C&A, Derimod and Colorama. Dias also directed short films and music videos shooting in Brazil, USA, Turkey and Russia. In addition, he is a still photographer, and has great knowledge of music composition, post-production and editing. Winner of a Gold CLIO, a Silver Cannes Lion, a YoungGuns Award, Best Photography Award at 'Creatives Behind the Lens' - Corbis. Luigi currently resides in São Paulo, but plans to move to Cambodia someday.

Lorenzo Bassano

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Lorenzo Bassano, who currently lives in Milan, is a Director whose career began in advertising. He worked for international agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R, McCann, and Leo Burnett. As a Director he has worked in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Karachi, Budapest, Bucharest, Qatar, Kiev, Moscow, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Singapore shooting for Coca-Cola, Swatch, Fiat, Peugeot, BMW, Toyota AX (the Middle East campaign launch), 2 commercials launching the Al Jazeera Sport channel, and so on.

Vardis Marinakis

Vardis Marinakis is a Greek film director who studied under Stephen Frears. He loves telling stories that deal with emotions and humanity all wrapped up in visual beauty. His feature film debut Black Field won several international awards, and has been described by Variety Magazine as “ enigmatic period piece that should raise the profile of its first-time auteur director....undeniably handsome and delicately crafted.” Over the past 15 years Vardis has shot commercials for various clients such as Peugeot, Doritos, Ford, Pizza Hut, Nestlé, Vodafone, as well as Greek companies that deal with cell phones, refreshments, ice cream, coffee, snacks, etc. He specializes in commercials that combine the elements of storytelling, dialogue, young people, food and strong cinematic visuals.

Dario Sabina

Dario Sabina is an Argentine-born Director and Cinematographer. He has directed commercials for brands such as L'Oréal, Garnier, TRESemmé,Chevrolet, Johnson & Johnson, and Telefónica. He always undertakes the role of Cinematographer for his works. As a result of Sabina's passion and dedication, combined with his creative sensibility and vast knowledge of film craft, each of his projects is truly unique. At present, he has been Director of Photography on 5 feature films. The indie film Mi Memoria Carmesí is Sabina's first feature film as Director/Producer & Cinematographer.

Ivan Vaccaro

Ivan Vaccaro is a Director passionate about science and music which means that he brings his unique image understanding, supported by interdisciplinarity and teamwork, to each project. His reel features pieces recognized at major festivals. Vaccaro won a Lion in Cannes for a Volkswagen campaign, and shoots commercials all around the world.